MDC grassroots demands unity

Leaders of the two factions of the MDC have been pressured by supporters to reunify and stop talking about a coalition of opposition forces, which is dismissed by some of their followers as a smokescreen.
The Zimbabwean has established that the leader of the main wing, Morgan Tsvangirai

, recently conducted an opinion survey at grassroots levels and was told by his followers that they want the two factions to reunify before next year’s elections.
The other leader, Arthur Mutambara, recently announced to his executive that it was imperative for the factions to unite before even starting to campaign for the elections.
Both leaders have confirmed that unity talks are ongoing and sources say more senior officials in both factions are coming up to support the reunification initiative.
It is said that Tsvangirai and Mutambara are both agreeable, but the contentious issue of power and positions among some officials in both factions is a stumbling block to reunification plans. A number of officials fear losing their positions and the opportunity to contest next year’s elections as part of a broader unified force. – Itai Dzamara

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