MDC plan star rallies throughout Zimbabwe this weekend (14-06-07)

By Marcus Mushonga
ZIMBABWE could plunge into another time of violent clashes between the state and anti-Mugabe regime activists this weekend as youths have planned rallies across the country to commemor

ate the June 16 1976 massacres of youths in South Africa.

MDC national youth chairman Thamsanqa Mahlangu said that the commemorations would be held in five cities but excluding the capital Harare which has a ban on political rallies on being effected against the opposition parties and civil society.

Police were notified and have not objected to the commemorations being held in Bulawayo, Masvingo, Gweru, Mutare and Kadoma but gave a stern warning on the organisers threatening them ‘we will not hesitate to apply the law if there are intentions to cause problems.

However police turned down a request to hold the same event in Harare on the basis of the ban on political rallies despite several meetings and rallies being held by Zanu (PF).

‘This is a very unique day especially to us the youths of Zimbabwe who have suffered immensely from the Mugabe regime,’ Mahlangu.

‘We call upon all the youths to come to the various venues and be part of this important event. We commemorate the June 16 1976 Sharpeville Massacres by the apartheid regime in South

The venues for the rallies shall be as follows: White City Arena in Bulawayo, Mkoba Stadium in Gweru, Chisamba Business Centre in Mutare and Rimuka Stadiumin Kadoma.

Mhlangu said that the commemorations will be led by the MDC youth assembly in the other three cities, save for Mutare where they will be done under the Save Zimbabwe coalition.

‘We have the solidarity and support of our South African colleagues who are worried about our situation here. We are commemorating this day when many of our members and colleagues are languishing in prison over trumped-up charges based on political repression,’ he added.

More than 700 students were massacred by the apartheid regime in SA after massive protests against abuses and repression, a situation similar to what is currently unfolding in Zimbabwe.

It was not immediately clear how the state plans to respond to the weekend commemorations with memories still fresh of how it brutally cracked down on opposition and civil society leaders on March 11 after they had planned a prayer meeting in Harare.

MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai was injured together with other leaders when police cracked down on the meeting, a move which President Mugabe praised-CAJ News.

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