Mugabe – coup mastermind? (21-06-07)


The Zanu (PF) regime is frantically trying to establish the extent of the alleged coup plotting, which has seen several senior officers in the armed forces arrested and suspended. Rumours of mass executions persist.
In a chaotic and panic-stricken investi

gation, the authorities have even turned on Zimbabwe’s most trusted neighbour, South Africa, suspecting a secret hand behind the plot to depose President Robert Mugabe.
But political observers have raised doubts about the authenticity of the whole coup episode. “Coming as it does on the eve of the Mbeki settlement initiative, and also at a time when there is mounting pressure from within Zanu (PF) on Mugabe to step down, it is a master stroke for him to use a coup as an excuse to get rid of any opponents,” said a senior security source.
“It would a simple matter for the CIO to manufacture ‘evidence’ of South African involvement, MDC involvement, Mujuru involvement, Mnanagawa, etc. This would enable Mugabe to destroy any opponents he feels might be threatening him. It is a clever, but actually quite simplistic, strategy.”
Deception and dirty tricks have played a major role in Mugabe’s battle to cling to power during the past decade.
The regime’s efforts to get to the bottom of the coup, fabricated or real, include the dispatch this week of intelligence operatives to South Africa to investigate a hitherto unknown group called the “Remove Mugabe Movement”.
State security minister, Didymus Mutasa – who has previously denied the coup story -this week confirmed to The Zimbabwean that “investigations are ongoing and will establish all those involved both here and outside the country”. He declined to give further details.
Defence minister Sydney Sekeramayi is reported to have flown hurriedly to China in an effort to enlist their help in regard in regard to the unfolding coup drama.
Meanwhile, a group of junior army officials arrested on May 29 are scheduled to appear in court this week. They have denied the charge and said when they were arrested they were in a meeting held to discuss the formation of a new political party. Rumours of arrests of senior army officials have continued to dominate the political scene.

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