NCA geared for rolling campaigns

Over 500 Zimbabweans recently attended the first meeting of the National Constitutional Assembly's South Africa desk.
NCA Coordinator Tapera Kapuya vowed to launch a relentless campaign on Zimbabweans in SA to contribute to constitutional reform back home.
"We are geared to bring a democrati

c people driven constitution before Zimbabwe’s next elections are held, so we are moving at a faster pace and we need the millions of Zimbabweans in this country to help,” said Kapuya.
“The NCA is not affiliated to any political party hence everyone from any political party who wish to contribute in bringing a democratic dispensation is welcome to participate in these deliberations. We are geared for an educational and mobilization campaign”, confirmed a senior NCA official in South Africa.
“Every exiled Zimbabwean is a victim of our current constitution which gives executive powers to one man. All elections since 2000 have been marred by rigging,” lamented Gerald Moyo from Mabopane.
Demonstrations are expected all over the country starting with Petersburg and Messina next week. – Trust Matsilele

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