No help for HIV patients in Zimbabwe (19-06-07)

Yesterday morning Simon and his wife and little girl Tandi (not their real names) went to Parirenyatwa Hospital and the OIU Clinic. Simon is an MDC activist and survived by looking after cars outside Harvest House (until the raid) and picking up odd jobs. He is one of the few responsible

citizens who, together with his wife and Tandi, went to the New Start Center to find out their status. They all tested HIV positive. Their other three children are negative. Tandi’s CD 4 count was 134. ARV treatment is normally commenced when the clients CD 4 count is 200. She is a very sick little girl, with severe ear infections, sores all over her little body and TB. 8 days in hospital cost Z$6 million. Their CD 4 counts cost a total of 2.5 million. Their anti-biotics cost a further 2 million. Their transport to and from Chitingwiza yesterday cost them 240,000.00. And he is one of the 80% of Zimbabweans unemployed.
What would be the fate of this family had they not been assisted by a project? They would probably all be dead by the year end, leaving three more orphans to add to the already estimated 1,5 million in Zimbabwe.

The promise of the Zanu PF government at Independance was free basic primary health care for all those unemployed/minimum wage earners and free primary school education.

The looting and gross mismanagement (and now inevitable collapse) of the economy, by Zanu PF, has already and will still further be the cause of hundreds of thousands of deaths in Zimbabwe. The total collapse of the Health delivery system has exacerbated the situation. If there is no money available for Health delivery, Docters and Nurses salaries, food for the patients, then how do the ZanuPF thieves afford brand new luxury Mercedes vehicles, huge mansions and decadent life styles. This is a Genocide.

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