Over 4000 youth militias recruited ahead of elections, and more will follow (15-06-07)

By Marcus Mushonga
THE Zanu (PF) government has just finished training 4000 youths under the controversial national youth training service and they are already being recruited into the army, police as well as other strategic institutions.

Deputy minister

of youth, Saviour Kasukuwere confirmed the graduation of more youths to join the notorious terror troops of the Mugabe regime.

“The process of training youths is an ongoing exercise and indeed we have recently seen more, I am not sure about the exact number, graduating and they are ready to serve their country,” he said.

When asked to respond to reports that the new Green Bombers were being recruited into state institutions primarily for campaigning for the ruling party ahead of the elections as well as provide back-up to security agents, Kasukuwere said: “They are deployed to various institutions as long as they are serving their nation”.

Investigations have shown that the Zimbabwe Republic Police and Zimbabwe National Army have recently recruited many members of the youth militia as well as
war veterans.

Home Affairs minister, Kembo Mohadi confirmed by saying “deserving products of the
national youth training service are also being recruited into the police force”.

It has also been established that the Green Bombers are being recruited by town councils mainly to join their municipal police units currently on a warpath with vendors as well as traders in the cities and towns.

Harare City Commission in April employed 1000 Green Bombers and that has been confirmed by the chairman of the commission, Sekesai Makwavarara.

“We established a team that is working on rooting out illegal vending in the city and that comprises our youths,” she said.

CAJ NEWS recently revealed that the Registar General’s department was recruiting Green Bombers for the task of voter registration as well as assisting in running next year’s presidential and parliamentary elections.

This is all despite of the bad record of the infamous products of the national youth training service.

A report done in 2003 by the Solidarity Peace Trust, a grouping of Zimbabwean and South Africa church leaders described the youths militia as weapons of violence used by the ruling party against the opposition.

The report stated that investigations had shown the youths to be used to rape, maim and torture opponents of the Mugabe regime-CAJ News.

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