Zim Gvt Guilty (08-06-07)

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions has successfully presented its case before the International Labour Conference currently underway in Geneva on human and trade union rights violations in the Zimbabwe.

This has resulted in Zimbabwe being placed in the Special Paragraph, alongside

other pariah states. The Zimbabwean government at the last minute chickened out from appearing before the Standards Committee after they failed to lobby other governments to support them. Earlier on the Zimbabwean government had indicated a desire to appear but after ‘consultations’ with colleagues back home they later wrote a letter saying they would not appear.

The Committee would have none of this and the Zimbabwean government was found guilty of human and trade union rights abuses.

Conclusions of the hearing will be made available in due course.

Khumbulani Ndlovu
Information Officer
Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions

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