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Paul Lunga
In Zimbabwe, Paul Lunga is known as the undisputed "king of jazz horns". Born and raised in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Paul developed a lifelong passion for jazz music. He began as a percussionist in the 2nd grade, and he progressed to a trumpeter after his high school music

teacher discovered his raw talent. Later, he joined the All-Stars Jazz Band and studied under David Charles Gambe. Finally, he mastered his trumpeting skills after completing a home study course with the Royal School of Music in England where he also learned how to read and compose formal music.
Tha Tha Ensemble
Taken from the Ndebele word, “ThaTha” means please take. Tha Tha’s music is a journey from Zimbabwe through the Sahara to the streets of London. It is a subtle fusion of Southern African Jazz and North African Blues, beautifully orchestrated melodies and hypnotic rhythms are guaranteed to capture your soul. Based on the compositions of bassist Les Mommsen, who was born in Bulawayo and grew up in Zimbabwe and South Africa, Tha Tha Ensemble is a unique mix of global music and culture, and exactly what the title suggests: a gift to be taken.
The band combines soul, afro and groove influences to their potent mix of ‘brilliant front line’ tunes with a modern contemporary edge. Led by charismatic Zimbabwean singer and songwriter Tee Nyoni, together with a tight musical ensemble of brass, guitar, drums, African percussion and backing vocals, Thabani produce a classic “soulful wall of sound”.
The band was formed in 1992 by Professor Portia P. Gwanzura. One of the main reasons that the band was started was to promote Zimbabwean culture, as well as to provide some kind of gainful employment for its members. All of the members of Hohodza were exposed to music during their childhood, and therefore have a strong musical background.
Harare Music
Harare is one of the few groups to be playing Zimbabwean dance music in Europe. Formed by two musicians from the heart of Zimbabwean urban music; Harare combines different styles from Jit Jive to traditional hypnotic rhythms of the mbira which reflect the different backgrounds of the people who make up the group.
Ryan Koriya
The bassist from Mann Friday embarks on his solo career. Ryan is a multi talented artist who plays the violin, cello and guitar. He says: “I love music, I love what it does to me, where it takes me, the different people it brings into my life and I love the opportunities it creates.”

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