Zimdollar crashes vs SA rand

THE Zimbabwean dollar has further tumbled, trading at Z$7800 against the SAR at Park Station over the weekend.
In a snap survey conducted by CAJ News Agency here the Zimdollar took a huge knock and its chances of regaining against major international currencies were described

as “unrealistic”.
Complicating matters for the Zimbabwean dollar’s woes, the hard-hit inflation dollar was also removed from lowly rated Zambian Stock Exchange, which literally means the dollar “is no-more”.
The South Africa rand is steadily gaining firmness against all the Southern African Development Community (SADC) regional member states as evidence by last week’s gain against the Botswana pula.
A Zimbabwean financial vendor, Patrick Mombeshora, of Braamfontein expressed concern over the fluctuating currency.
“It is a high risk investing in Zimbabwe these days. The dollar keeps changing every hour whilst the companies that are supposed to rescue the country from worsening inflation are closing down,” he said.

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