Zimrights shoulder blame of deaths of farm workers on ZANU PFs land reform.(29-06-07)

HARARE - After an anti-government strike last week, the National Constitutional Assembly this week vowed to escalate mass action to force President Robert Mugabe's government to deliver a new Constitution, or face rolling protest action.
The NCA strike was the biggest protest for more than two ye

ars against Mugabe’s 27-year rule, eliciting a panicky response from the authorities.
The NCA was protesting at the proposed Constitutional Amendment No.18 and despotic pieces of legislation set to be railroaded through Parliament.
More than 200 NCA activists, including nursing mothers, were arrested and assaulted in police custody, sparking international condemnation.
US State department spokesman, Sean McCormack, slammed the violent suppression of the march, urging the authorities in Harare to respect the freedoms of its citizens.
Re-invigorated by the strike, the NCA issued the Mugabe government with a list of demands to restore democratic rights.
Critics accuse the Mugabe regime of human rights abuses, using the 17-times amended Constitution to rig elections, and causing mass hunger.
“Last week, the people of Zimbabwe in their hundreds bravely demonstrated that they are no longer willing to live under tyranny and poverty,” said Dr
Lovemore Madhuku, the chairman of the NCA “The violence, the torture, murder and all other brutalities can no longer stop the people’s desire for a new
democratic Constitution.”
Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition said civic groups fully supported the demand for a new, democratic Constitution. – Own Correspondent

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