A serious threat – ZEF

The Zimbabwe Exiles Forum has called on the international community to assist Zimbabwean refugees flooding into South Africa.
"Exiled Zimbabweans need the SADC states to recognise and act on the root cause of the Zimbabwean crisis. SADC also needs to pressure the Zimbabwean government to all

ow its exiled populace to regain their franchise, as well as to make it possible for those outside Zimbabwe to exercise their right to vote through Zimbabwean embassies. Once the majority of Zimbabweans have chosen their own government, and if that government respects their rights as citizens, the threat to regional peace and stability that is Zimbabwe today will have been removed,” said ZEF Executive Director and human rights lawyer, Gabriel Shumba.
ZEF believes that there is no doubt that the situation in Zimbabwe now poses a serious threat to regional peace and security. It obviously now warrants intervention under SADC or the UN Security Council to alleviate the suffering of the Zimbabwean people. Arguably, the UN Security Council’s Responsibility to Protect could be invoked to deal with the situation, just as it should be used in Dafur. Otherwise, the legitimacy and efficacy of regional and international conflict resolution mechanisms and the struggle against impunity will remain undermined. – Staff reporter

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