Busa concerned

Business Unity South Africa (Busa), a body representing businesses community here has expressed concern on the arrest of business officials in Harare and, is to send an urgent high-level delegation to Zimbabwe to try to address the abating economic crisis in the country.
"It is with serious

concern that Busa notes the arrests of business people in Zimbabwe including that of South Africans. The situation is deplorable and unacceptable. If something is not done urgently to reverse the situation to normality the business environment which continues to deteriorate to unacceptable standards will result in dire consequences to the lives of the people of Zimbabwe which will take many years to rebuild,” Busa said in a statement.
Calling on the Zimbabwean government to restore order and engage in a constructive dialogue with the business sector CEO Jerry Vilakazi said: “Our experience in SA has taught us that constructive dialogue is key to resolving political problems of this nature and to building an inclusive, stable and peaceful society.
“The road to any form of recovery will be long and hard but at least once the corner has been turned it will lift the moral of the people of Zimbabwe including that of the business community.” – Ntando Ncube

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