Can you vote in 2008?

Did you register to vote, or did you check your name and details on the voter's roll? Have you turned 18 and registered?
Opposition parties are urging all Zimbabweans to make the effort to check their details, to register and to make sure that all thei

r family, workers, friends and neighbours are registered to vote in 2008.
“The 2008 election is critical. We can have a real, democratically elected government if we all vote. But we will not all be able to vote if we do not register!” said a recent statement from the MDC (Mutambara).
“While the rules may change as a result of the Mbeki-led negotiations and other initiatives, this is not guaranteed. We may go into the next election under the present election rules. We could still win those elections if we are all registered and exercise our right to vote. But we will certainly not win if we are not able to vote.”
MAKE A DATE – 2008!!
Harare North and East Voter Registration Schedule
7 am to 5 pm daily
(take your ID and proof of residence)
Haig Park Primary 10.07 – 12.07
Hallingbury Primary 13.07 – 15,07
Marlborough District Office 16.07 – 18.07
Hatcliffe Community Centre 19.07 – 26.07
SIRDC Hatcliffe 27.07 – 30.07
Newmarch Farm 31.07 – 03.08
Borrowdale District Office 04.08 – 06.08
Gletwyn Farm 07.08 – 10.08
Courtney Selous PS 11.08 – 13.08
Zimphos 14.08 – 17.08
Mabvuku and Harare Central ..some already finished
Old Tafara Community Hall 24.06 – 29.06
David Livingstone Pr 30.06 – 03.07
Avondale PS 04.07 – 06.07
Belvedere Teachers College 07.07 – 09.07

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