Chibhebhe calls for action

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union (ZCTU)'s Secretary General Wellington Chibhebhe has called for strong intervention from both South Africa and SADC as the Mugabe regime had left the general citizens a laughing stock in the global village.
"If you see nine ministers seating over a table to di

scuss on the prices of commuter omnibus and prices of biscuits and sweets you can really tell that the country is facing an impending collapse as the function of ministers are to formulate national policies,” said Chibhebhe.
The ZCTU’s president Lucia Matibenga also supported sentiments echoed by Chibhebhe when she added that Zimbabweans were going through tough times as they had not also did not benefit from the price slash,
“Most of those who benefited are government ministers and other top politicians as no general Zimbabwean citizens could afford buying huge quantities of goods which we saw being purchased from the shops,” said Matibenga.

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