CIO on the sprawl (07-07-07)

Once again, the state in its increasingly regular and usual paranoid behaviour has descended upon two prominent student activists with its unjustified heavy handedness.


Beloved Chiweshe, Secretary General of ZINASU after a grueling time at the hands of his captors…He was made to swim in sewerage water

Students at the University of Zimbabwe fought running battles with the riot police after a spate of disturbances rocked the campus on Thursday. The disturbances were sparked by a feud between a University female student who was beaten by her boyfriend, allegedly for infedility. The boyfriend is a non-student, popularly known as Non Academic Bachelors Association (NABA). His car was burnt to ashes by as yet unidentified assailants, believed to have been implants who had intended to pre-empty the demonstration which the students had planned.
The case is a typical example of the precarious situation female students at tertiary institutions face, as they attempt to outwit poverty by engaging in abusive relationships that are premised on material gain.
However, the students managed to stage peaceful demonstrations around campus after being addressed by student leaders. The student leaders, who include Lovemore Chinoputsa, the newly elected SRC President and Tinei Mukwewa, former President, are currently on the run.
The students demanded that the administration reverse its decision to uniliterally ask students to pay top-up fees of 1million Zimbabwe dollars (9USD) on the parallel market. With inflation hovering over the 4500 mark, students, like many Zimbabweans are finding it difficult to sustain decent livelihoods as inflation erodes savings and incomes. Students also contend that the quality of food at the University has deterioated to an extent where they have to eat beans on a daily basis and cabbage with no cooking oil.

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