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26 June 2007
THE Combined Harare Residents’ Association (CHRA) joins the rest of the world in Commemorating the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture.
Violence and torture in Zimbabwe are twin evils which have continued unabated. The main perpetrators of this cruel practice are State security agents which include the police; National youth service graduates, soldiers and the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO).
CHRA condemns the regime of Robert Mugabe for its total belief in the use of force against political opponents and pro-democracy activists. The Association vividly recalls how the security forces have recently been used to thwart public demonstrations by citizens of Zimbabwe with genuine grievances against the regime at various levels of governance.
Violence and torture are routinely used in Zimbabwe by State security agents to suppress dissent and forcibly extract information from activists, for both political and criminal reasons while in police custody.
The Zimbabwe Human Rights Forum reports that in April alone, they recorded 27 cases of torture, 78 cases of assault, two abductions and 148 violations on freedoms of expression, association and movement. The Forum said in the majority of the torture cases, members of the ZRP or the CIO or both working in cahoots were involved.
Although human rights lawyers, the international community and citizens of Zimbabwe have denounced this practice by the State, the Mugabe regime has relied on torture, nevertheless.
CHRA urges citizens of Zimbabwe to continue to document the numerous cases of torture. These
perpetrators of torture, who act on behalf of the State, will be forced to account for their actions in a free
“CHRA for Enhanced Civic Participation in Local Governance”
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