Consider government of national unity -Pius Ncube (10-07-07)

By Ntando Ncube
CONTROVESSIAL Roman Catholic Arch bishop Pius Ncube on Tuesday urged Zimbabwean government and the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) to critically consider a government of national unity to bank the country from total collapse.

Ncube said this spea

king in Johannesburg at the Solidarity Peace Trust launch of a report on state violence on the opposition and civic movements in the post March 11th 2007 period.

“Government of national unity can solve our problems”, Ncube said advising the opposition to enter into unity with government avoiding being “swallowed into Zanu-PF”.

“This (unity) happened during the 1987 unity accord between Zanu-PF and Joshua Nkomo led PF-Zapu but at the end people were betrayed when ZAPU was swallowed by Zanu-PF”, he said adding.
“The political and economic situation in Zimbabwe has now reached life-threatening proportions, with this current situation the government and opposition should seriously consider working towards a government of national unity to save millions of Zimbabweans suffering and from the country reaching total fall down”.

Ncube said the rapid decline of the economy and the commandist response of the state indicate a government that has neither a strong sense of responsibility towards its citizens, nor any substantive plan to move Zimbabwe out of its deepening crisis.

Amidst president Thabo Mbeki’s mediation talks between Zanu-PF and the opposition MDC the report documented disastrous deteriorating human rights record, and increasingly brutality suppression of those with different political ideology to the government.

Arch bishop Ncube dismissed advocate George Bizos’s call for Zimbabweans to consider the prospect of granting president Mugabe amnesty saying even given amnesty “He will not retire”.

“We would like president Mugabe out as soon as possible. He is only concentrating on holding on to power… I don’t believe the proposed amnesty will pave way for Mugabe to resign. He is power hungry and will not leave office”, Ncube said.

The defence of state sovereign, by even its strongest supporters does not include any claim of the unlimited power of the state to do what it wants to its own people

According to the cathedral report President Mugabe and Zimbabwe has became international pariah.
It indicated that it was frightening during the attack on civic and opposition activists, with all the drunken police manning roadblocks across the suburb of Highfeilds.

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