Dell found love in Zim

HARARE - The United States has appointed deputy chief of mission Catherine Dhanani as the interim ambassador to Zimbabwe at the end of a tumultuous three-year tour of duty by outgoing Christopher Dell.
A defiant Dell's parting shot was a clarion call to Zimbabweans not to lose hope despite th

e unprecedented economic meltdown and general institutional collapse.
“Keep the faith. Things will change soon,” Dell said. He denied that he hated Zimbabwe revealing that he found love here and married a Zimbabwean-born woman, Theodore. Government spokesmen claimed Dell flouted diplomatic etiquette by snubbing an exit meeting with President Mugabe.
Dell angered government by predicting total economic collapse in Zimbabwe by the end of the year. The career diplomat told a local weekly in an exit interview that the US government was moving to deport children of Zanu (PF) chefs studying in the US.
“It’s a decision the (US) President has to make,” he said. “It requires the Presidential Power of Proclamation.”
Meanwhile, the US State department has issued a travel advisory warning its citizens against travel to Zimbabwe “in light of current circumstances.”
Several Western countries are expected to soon post new ambassadors to Zimbabwe. However, diplomatic sources say the new ambassadors could face a hostile reception from President Mugabe’s government as a result of the political stand-off between Harare and Western capitals.

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