Don’t shoot, cabinet tells Mugabe

President Robert Mugabe last week almost pulled the trigger on his poeple yet again by unleashing militant groups of war veterans and youth militia on the market to invade manufacturing, wholesale and retail businesses in a vain attempt to stop the tide of inflation caused by his regim

e’s idiotic economic policies.
The aged leader had to be persuaded to hold onto his guns and avoid opening fire by some of his colleagues in cabinet, who warned that the intended move could be the final nail into the coffin of the Zanu (PF) regime. The Zimbabwean has heard from top government sources that an invigorated and clearly besieged Mugabe presented to his cabinet yet another of his endless conspiracy fears last week and was already resolved to unleash terror reminiscent of the farm invasions of 2000.
Industry and International Trade minister, Obert Mpofu confirmed to this paper that Mugabe had wanted to “deal decisively with economic saboteurs”. Vice President Joseph Msika also revealed this week during the burial of another former army leader at the Heroes Acre that “we are the ones who said to him (Mugabe) no chef, wait a moment but if we give him our 100% support, he will uproot the economic saboteurs who are destroying us”.
Mugabe is reported to have told his cabinet that intelligence had informed him about the discovery of the conspiracy involving the British government and the opposition, whom he alleges have “bought” manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers in order for them to sabotage the economy through price hikes as a way of securing regime change.
“He (Mugabe) was hysterical about the whole matter and ready to strike,” a top source said. “He said that he had been informed by the intelligence that if he didn’t strike first, the conspiring forces would push the regime out of power before he realized what was happening. He said that he wanted the invasions to be done in a similar manner to what happened on the farms in 2000. But the majority, if not all of his cabinet members, rejected the plan.”
It is said that Mugabe was warned against “the final nail into the coffin of the economy” if he unleashed his violence on the manufacturing and retail industries as well as the further political isolation of the country. The invasions could have easily dealt a serious blow to whatever efforts going on such as the mediation by President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa because they could have most likely opened a Pandora’s Box with possible riots and political unrest. An intelligence source said that the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO), police and army working in collaboration with the militia were ready to implement Mugabe’s crackdown.
Chaos has plagued the country as Mugabe and his regime fail to control a riotous spiral of prices of all commodities, and this coming ahead of next year’s elections, passes for a harbinger of difficult times ahead for the regime.

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