Embassy staff on go slow

Morale among staff members at the Zimbabwe Embassy in South Africa is reported to be very low as they have not been paid their salaries for the past four months.
Staff at both the consulate in Johannesburg and the Embassy in Pretoria are on a go-slow.
The Zimbabwean gover

nment allegedly owes the 30 or so diplomats more than R1 300 000.
The go-slow has particularly affected Zimbabweans seeking travel documents. Members of the public are only being attended to one day per week and the trend in likely to persist until the workers are paid.
President Robert Mugabe is said to have threatened staff with immediate expulsion in an event they did not go to work full time by Friday this week. But Nathan Shamuyarira, the party’s spokesperson, dismissed this as mere politicking.
“There has not been a time in the history of this country were we failed to pay anyone on the basis of being broke. Such reports should not be taken seriously as we know that they come from the opposition MDC and its western allies,” said Shamuyarira.
The cash-strapped Zimbabwean government is alleged to have coerced its embassies throughout the world to remit home all foreign currency earnings from the issue of passports and identity documents to its citizens.
Reserve Bank governor, Gideon Gono, is alleged to have given the diplomatic staff and option to be paid in Zimdollars, which was flatly refused.
Consultate spokesperson Chris Mapanga accused journalists of peddling falsehoods before hanging up his telephone. – Trust Matsilele

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