Eye-witness account of Gunda’s “accident”

An eye-witness has come forward to narrate what he claims to have witnessed on the night the late Brigadier Armstrong Gunda died. His observations confirm what family members suspect - a cold-blooded murder.
Our source's narration of events points towards a possible murder of the late a

rmy leader before his killers stage-managed events in order to pass his death off as an accident with a goods train. Speaking from Marondera this week, the source said that he and his colleague – who confirmed the events to this paper in confidence – were positioned at a place from which they observed what they called a shocking scene.
Further investigations by this paper into the vehicle claimed to have been involved in the accident with the train, as well as other issues in the manner the whole case was handled, confirm that there must have been some foul play.
“We were about 50 metres from the rail-road crossing and observed a vehicle approaching the crossing at the same time a siren sounded from the goods train, as a warning,” the source said. “The vehicle slowly moved to the crossing and to our utter surprise parked right at 90 degrees – exactly at the intersection of the railway and the road. We thought it had developed a fault, but also wondered if the driver was mad or something.
“Suddenly, someone jumped out of the car and disappeared into the dark a few moments before the train arrived and smashed the vehicle. The train didn’t stop and a person arrived at the scene to attend to the wreckage of the vehicle before a police truck arrived moments later.”
The source added that it only took the police a few minutes before the wreckage was towed away. “We were bewildered by what we had observed – but everything made sense the following day when we heard about Gunda’s death, ostensibly at the same spot,” he said.
Investigations at army headquarters in Harare revealed that there was a concerted effort to avoid the wreckage of the vehicle being seen by his relatives or other persons. Sources said his family was not allowed to see his body until after it was dressed and already in the coffin ready for burial.
A relative of Gunda last week told this paper that they were aware he had been killed. Sources linked the murder to the coup saga.

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