Gono in big trouble

Reserve bank of Zimbabwe Governor, Gideon Gono is in trouble from those opposed to him within the Zanu (PF) regime who blame him for presiding over the collapse of the economy.
The Zimbabwean can reveal that Gono has recently increased security around him af

ter he learnt of plans to get at his life as the politics of power and authority in the Mugabe regime suck him deeper and the economic decline proves too stubborn for his cocktail of attempted remedies.
It is all turning sour for Gono who, since taking over the central bank in December 2003, has been riding high, exuding a lot of energy, enthusiasm and purported commitment to the extent there were rumours he wanted to succeed his master, President Robert Mugabe.
In the forefront of a serious attack on Gono are two camps, the Mujuru faction and proponents for the reformed Zanu (PF) under former finance minister Simba Makoni.
A document being circulated within the ruling party and government circles this week, entitled “There is no option for success”, is apparently aimed at deriding Gono who has been on the record continuously declaring there was no option for failure, despite it unfolding right under his nose daily.
The document (copy seen) seeks to shape public opinion and says “Gono must just resign and admit that, like Jonathan Moyo, he was a mole who wanted to kill us from within.”
It further states: “The truth must finally be told, and it is that we have reached this level of economic failure because of the policies of Prime Minister Gono, in all the sectors of the economy and he must just go.”
Gono’s adversaries promise in the document to expose “his earth shattering scandals” soon in order for the world to see the man behind all those gimmicks. It was difficult to trace the origins of the document but senior government officials confirmed to this paper that it has been circulating even within top echelons of the regime.
Gono was not available to comment.
It has also emerged that recent cabinet and Zanu (PF) politburo meetings deliberating on the economic malaise presented anti-Gono officials the opportunity to lobby for his disgraceful removal mainly on the basis of allegations he has been involving the central bank in a lot of quasi-fiscal activities and contributed to economic problems.
Gono is said to be girding his loins for campaigning to lead the reformed Zanu (PF) and through that he has reportedly created another camp of enemies in those agreed on the candidature of Makoni.
Gono took over the RBZ leadership when inflation was around 300% and his presided to it shooting to above 6000% currently.

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