Gula Ndebele refuses to toe the line

… new AG expected soon
Government is expected to appoint a new Attorney General (AG) soon following a fall-out between the AG, Sobusa Gula Ndebele and Justice minister Patrick Chinamasa, The Zimbabwean can reveal.
Although it was difficult to establish the names of candida

tes being considered for the position, a source within government said that minister of Indigenisation and Empowerment Paul Mangwana had held talks with Chinamasa and Mugabe and was a possible candidate.
Gula Ndebele still refused to discuss the circumstances leading to his fall-out with Chinamasa, which reportedly angered Mugabe and made him order that the AG had to be replaced.
It is understood the ruling party’s top leadership was angered by Gula Ndebele’s apparent reluctance to carry out his duties in a politically-preferred way, particularly in relation to cases involving MDC activists charged with terrorism, when there was no evidence to substantiate the charges.
“A new AG is likely to be appointed before the end of the month following the failure of any efforts to find peace between Chinamasa and Gula Ndebele, who is said to have declined the attempts at whipping him into line,” a senior government source revealed. “Sobusa is said to have actually written to Chinamasa tendering his resignation and ruling out any possibility of him accepting the politicization they want to do to him. Mangwana could be appointed the Attorney General.” Mangwana professed ignorance over the matter when contacted for comment this week whilst Chinamasa declined to discuss the matter.
Gula Ndebele referred all questions to the “relevant minister”. He is reported by sources close to him to have threatened to “expose serious things about the administration of justice in the country”.
Gula Ndebele has been away from duty for close to three months during which a lot of speculation has dominated debate about his whereabouts. Some information suggested that he was forced to go on leave and investigations by this paper recently revealed that he clashed with Chinamasa over the handling of cases against many MDC members charged with political violence and treason.
The executive arm of government is understood to have wanted the political cases to result into some convictions as a way of getting at the main opposition party ahead of next year’s elections but Gula Ndebele however frustrated the plan by insisting on justice and leading to the cases crumbling.

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