Health disaster looms

The majority of the clinics in Harare are temporarily closed and only helpful to those coming for maternity. Municipal health staff is on strike and there a

re no drugs.
Despite the fact that municipal clinics are under-staffed and under-equipped in terms of medicinal drugs and machinery, health charges have increased by more than 400% and most residents in Harare cannot afford to pay the new charges.
The current water and power shortages have crippled the delivery of health services in most hospitals and clinics. These cannot operate without power and water.
Affected hospitals in the past month include Harare Hospital, Edith Opperman Clinic and most of the clinics in various suburbs.
The health sector has been hit by massive resignations of qualified and experienced health personnel due to poverty remuneration and inhumane working conditions, leaving most of the health centres being manned by inexperienced and demoralized staff.
CHRA is concerned by the inaction of the government on this crisis facing residents and health staff on a daily basis. Their excuse that they do not have foreign currency to remunerate nurses and doctors, to purchase drugs and equipment must be rejected by all progressive forces. The same regime has managed to massage the egos of corrupt politicians and businessmen, disguised as farmers by purchasing hundreds of tractors for them.
The current crisis in the health sector and elsewhere is symptomatic of the general collapse of the country’s economy at the hands of a despotic regime. They believe that resources that have been diverted to fund political corruption must be channelled to the health and education sectors. – CHRA

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