Is this the same Nyoni?

EDITOR - I recently became aware o

f the Zimbabwe Action Group, an organisation based in Banbury which is supposed to be helping asylum seekers but has the dubious Emmanuel Nyoni as its chairman.

Below is a clip from the Crown Prosecution Service: “Emmanuel and Donna NYONI set up an organisation in Zimbabwe which led people to expect work and education opportunities in Britain. They organised false documents for the illegal immigrants and once they were in the UK, exploited them and treated them like slaves. The immigrants were forced into low paid agency employment and most of their wages were taken by the defendants, who claimed benefit throughout. The immigrants were also housed in accommodation owned by the defendants and were forced to pay rent. Donna Nyoni was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment, and Emmanuel (who was in very poor health) was sentenced to six months suspended.”

The CPS Report copied is publicly available at http://www.cps.gov.uk/publications/docs/ar2002northants.pdf.


ZAG replies:

Thorny questions for Freeme

EDITOR – Last week the CFU exposed itself to be a perfectly working model of the well-known law of Lords and Lackeys. Just substitute evil for medieval, Mugabe for king and mujiba for lackey.

These are mujiba Taylor Freeme’s (CFU president) words: “It is not the time for recrimination or going back – it is time to draw the line and go forward, learning from the past.” Evil Mugabe will just love that line – he wrote it himself!

Freeme’s words are self-incriminatingly Zanu in origin, to even the simplest of Zimbabwean farmers like myself – to simply write off the Zanu-engineered murders, and dream that the Zanu leopard will change its spots. Justice is the last thing on their minds, obviously.

But these questions need answering: How will the Mujiba sell his lines to farmers’ widows from the Third Chimurenga – like Mrs. Olds or Mrs. Stephens?

Has mujiba Freeme ever considered how he might feel if this was put to his widow after Zanu murdered him?

Or are money and expediency now their two gods?

About 2 750 displaced farmers are now supposed to hail Freeme as a saviour – when they already know that his own third term as Chief Mujiba was arranged to “retain his importance and remain useful.”

It has been said that the CFU have really been like “Eunuchs at a brothel – spectators who can just talk about the activities, rather than participants.”

But now they are giving the Third Chimurenga their blessing – AGAIN. It might be wise for these CFU/Zanu Eunuchs on RBZ committees to reflect on how tainted they really are with that smelly Zanu brush – before espousing clemency for their Zanu friends who murdered their own members, and then stole their security of tenure – not mention the well-being of 11 million people with the abuse of the printing press.


Who is the real dictator here?

EDITOR – I now understand why President Mbeki wanted a reformed Zanu (PF) because he had the means to influence the opposition to accept the drafted constitution, but the stumbling block was Tsvangirai and the MDC National Executive.

It is needless to talk about the MDC National Executive because Welshman Ncube was going to manipulate it as he did on the Senate issue. But when the Senate divided the Party he came with the idea of leadership change and wanted to replace Morgan Tsvangirai. That is why, just days before October 12, Nathaniel Manheru wrote an article in the Herald about Tsvangirai leaving the opposition after a coup.

My uncle was in the Zambian Police Force and had the facts about what happened to Chitepo. On his last night in Zambia he had a big argument about the death of Chitepo with the late William Ndangana. The following day was deported from Zambia.

Today Chinamasa is saying he crafted that Draft Constitution with Ncube and Ncube himself concurred. Jonathan Moyo told us that all the draconian laws (POSA, AIPPA) were drafted by Chinamasa and Welshman Ncube and we did not listen.

Look what is coming out today, its a disgrace to blame Mbeki when we ourselves do not hold to the truth.

Welshman Ncube knew that there was a document they had agreed on. That is why he was pushing the party to go into Senate Elections, no matter what. So who is the dictator here?

But the great questions to be asked are :

Was the issue ever presented to MDC National Council?

Was there going to be a referendum, as the opinion of all stakeholders was important?

How come Ncube wanted to reform Zanu (PF), while he had no dialogue on those constitutional issues with his own party and leadership?

We want that draft constitution made public to ensure that in future we know who are the enemies of the truth.

JR, Mutare

MDC replies:

Message to MDC-PF

EDITOR – I am a permanent resident in Glen Norah A, Harare and would like to send the message to our prodigal sister Hon P Misihairambwi-Mushonga that you betrayed the constituency by going against the people’s hopes.

His Excellency the MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai, is the best. You can see the reason why all your meetings are flopping now, because people know your bag of tricks and I am pleased to let you know that the recognised Youths District structure in Glen Norah is that one whose leadership now includes the young, vibrant and energetic Secretary General known as “thunder”.

Ask your trusted men in your MDC-PF and they will tell you just turn your head back and count how many are behind you?


Bennett for President

EDITOR – The squabbles going on in the MDC came as no surprise to me. I knew that sooner or later something like that was bound to crop up. It seems that some people are enslaved by history and still dwell on the past wrongs, which were perpetrated by Mugabe to suit his politics of divide and control along tribal lines.

The question is how the tension between the group led by Mr Tsvangirai and the one led by Professor Welshman Ncube is to be resolved. Since the need to help the country from economic meltdown is urgent, and because it is unrealistic and self-defeating to expect that one group would bow down and come to its senses, logic dictates the simple and obvious alternative: that Tsvangirai steps down as a leader and allow a neutral man to take over.

And that man is none other that Mr Roy Bennett. He has all the qualifications needed to be a leader, has the intelligence to outwit Mugabe, he is a man of unbounded patriotism and has capabilities to bring people together and make a strong opposition. But I know that would never happen, because if that happened, Zimbabwe could never be the same again.

Which makes me wonder why, in Africa, the simple and obvious alternatives turn out to be complicated and full of hidden difficulties, just when the time comes to turn things for the better.


We soldiers are hungry

EDITOR – I and a number of my colleagues in the Defence forces would like to know how we can get further details about the “Patriotic Military Forum” referred to by the writer of the letter which appeared on 26th Jan – 1st Feb 06 edition of The Zimbabwean.

We will be the first to join such a Forum because sesidiniwe and surely taneta isu.

Kindest Regards and please Wilf keep our voices heard.

MUSOJAWENZARA, Captain IRN Raja (ZNA/AFZ – Zimbabwe)

UN did not act

EDITOR – Regarding your Feb. 8th letter titled “UN Last Acted in 1945” I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the UN had no part in the Nuremburg trials. The prosecution of Nazi figures was done by the Allied Powers (US, UK, France). There was no United Nations involvement whatsoever.

This actually helps your argument of the UN never really doing anything (I agree with you). However the oversight on your part is quite large and renders the entire article moot. Keep up the good work.


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