Mbeki to dump Zimbabweans 05-07-07

Plans are underway for mass deportations for
Zimbabweans if the Robert Mugabe regime fail to bow
down to pressure to constitutional amendments and
transitional government mediation initiated by South
Africa President Thabo Mbeki.

The deportations are to start in January to con

with Zimbabwe election in 2008.Southern Africa leaders
view the talks as the last effort to solve the
Zimbabwe conflict and are washing their hands if the
mediation fails.

The Zimbabwean has it on good authority that Botswana
is going to follow suit-deporting Zimbabweans.
“Zimbabweans should brace themselves for mass
deportations which is going to sweep across the two
countries. The countries are fade up with Mugabe and
exiles inactive to force or vote Mugabe out,” said the
intelligence officer from National Intelligence Agency
who is privy to the plan.

The deportations code named ‘Mugabe take your people’
will mean hundred of thousands of Zimbabweans will be
deported even with proper documents. Pretoria have
been frustrated by Mugabe hardness and playing games
while he has destroyed the economy of the country
forcing millions to flee the country.

Mugabe has made it clear his unwillingness to
negotiate with Movement for Democratic Change. “The
deportations will cause confusion in the Zimbabwean
side. At least hundred coaches will leave for Zimbabwe
every day and twenty thousands will be deported in a
week’s time,” said a South African intelligent agent.

Mugabe will be caught unaware as ‘his people’ will be
making unwelcome back to roots to vote in enmasse.

The South African government is also irked that some
Zimbabwean exiles are now behaving like Mugabe
supporters who are benefiting from the regime.

Many Zimbabweans in exiles are working against the
democratic forces while members of Central
Intelligence Organisations who are harassing the
activists have infiltrated many civic society

“The people who are coming from Zimbabwe are acting as
Mugabe people and they are trying to prop up Mugabe
regime. People will be deported to go and vote in
their country whether with proper documents,” added
the agent.

The South African intelligence has been making a long
surveillance on the character of Zimbabweans in South
Africa. They have noticed that the behaviour and
actions of Zimbabwe are the same as Robert Mugabe

“We don’t know whether we are dealing with Mugabe
supporters or victims of economic turmoil,” said the

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