MDC official languishes in prison (15-07-07)

IN what could turn out to be a serious indictment on the Zanu (PF) regime's political repression against the opposition, a senior Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) official's life is in danger at the hands of the regime.

MDC national executive member, Morgan Komichi, who is

still languishing in remand prison together with 17 others accused of terrorism and political violence has had his health seriously deteriorate and there are fears for his life.

Komichi sustained life-threatening injuries after being brutally assaulted by police and Zanu (PF)
militia whilst in police custody.

He was denied medical access for a long time until last month when he was taken to a hospital but only briefly before being taken back to remand prison.

His situation has deteriorated to the extent that he cannot attend remand hearings.

MDC lawyer Alec Muchadehama confirmed to CAJ News at the weekend that Komichi’s life was in danger.

“He is seriously unwell and the situation is worsened by the conditions they are being subjected to at the remand prison. They are being treated like convicted criminals or notorious bandits,” he said.

MDC spokesman, Nelson Chamisa said the regime would be held accountable for any fate that befalls Komichi or any of the remanded party members.

The remaining group of 17 has spent 4 months in incarceration and the state has not come up with a trial date in the political case.

The group includes MP for Glen View, Paul Madzore and they are being accused of leading a wave of political violence dominated by the use of petrol bombs, which engulfed the country in March.

Fifteen others have so far been released on bail after cracks started to emerge in the state case, said by the opposition party and political observers to be nothing more than a political move to destroy the MDC ahead of next year’s elections- CAJ News.

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