Mossad helps with rigging – Makumbe

The Israeli Intelligence Agency Mossad has been accused of rigging elections for Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe. The University of Zimbabwe political scientist John Makumbe told a meeting in London that if the MDC is to win the next election it will be necessary to get Mossad out

of the country; they were operating a computer company in Harare as a front and would rig any election for money.
Makumbe added that he didn’t know if the Israeli government was involved but observers say it is known that Israel has supplied Mugabe with military equipment and a man with Mossad connections was involved in the attempted treason frame-up of the MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai.
Makumbe is a member of the Save Zimbabwe Campaign, the umbrella organisation from which the political opposition, the church and civic bodies in Zimbabwe are working for change. He was asked to address the Central London Zimbabwe Forum about the split in the MDC.
“The split is quite understandable”, he said. “Diplomats are desperate to get the two groups together. I am not.” He said that with the help of Zanu (PF) the two factions were going in different directions.
Makumbe added that, in his view, the MDC faction led by Morgan Tsvangirai was the strongest political party in Zimbabwe. Zanu (PF) itself was split into five factions.
As for the current discussions through South Africa’s President Mbeki, Makumbe said Mugabe was going through the motions. He believes Mbeki is serious about getting rid of Mugabe but does not want to see the ousting of Zanu (PF), a liberation movement.
He cautioned that the latest constitutional amendment would allow Mugabe to stay in power until 2010 and said Zimbabweans should not be surprised if the elections next year were cancelled.

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