MP Mpariwa’s statement on transport and energy sector collapse (31-07-07)


Transport and Energy Sector Collapse

IT is business as usual for the Zanu PF regime, whilst the majority of service stations have gone for weeks and months without receiving fuel from the National Oil Company of Zimbabwe (Noczim).<


Long queues of motorists, buses and kombis left overnight have become the permanent features at the service stations in the major cities and growth points. This has impacted negatively on business as workers are footing to work and report for duty tired and late resulting in the low production in the few industries that are still operating.

Government must urgently address the transport and energy crisis by implementing the following measures

Improve the quality of transport service considering accessibility, frequency, and speed of service, regularity reliability, convenience, comfort and security.

Invest in new sources of energy, particularly renewable sources of energy and regional co-operation on energy utilization.

This can be done by decentralization of transport management to local authorities. ZUPCO has become a white elephant.

Review its policies on energy and transport to meet the current challenges.

– By making a shift from ad-hoc measures to long-term practical solutions.

-Improve the utilization of existing resources including energy and protection of the environment.

On energy, the electricity shortages being currently experienced have caused untolding sufferings to the Zimbabweans.

Government has to embark on a programme of resource mobilization, allocation and proper resource management system.

The unbundling of Zesa did not benefit the consumers; instead it has become top heavy.

There is need to explore alternative sources of energy like solar power at a large scale.

An evaluation exercise should be carried out to access the benefits of rural electricification.

The biggest question is whether we sacrificed energy for industry in favour of populist rural electricification.

There is a need to address real causes of the chaotic situation in the transport and related sector.

The real issue is that there is no new buses public transport carrier transport to replace the old fleet.

There is need for a methodical procurement of spares and availability of fuel into the country.

Hon Paurina Mpariwa, MP

Secretary for Labour and Social Security

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