Mujurus flout price controls

Vice President Joyce Mujuru and her husband, Retired Major General Solomon Mujuru, have allegedly refused to slash prices of bricks manufactured by their company and used their influence to reverse the arrest of a manage

r at the company.
The Mujurus’ massive empire includes Willdale, where senior police officers last week arrested a manager for over-charging, before Solomon reportedly demanded his immediate release.
Police spokesman, Oliver Mandipaka referred questions on the matter to Industry and International Trade Minister, Obert Mpofu who he said has issued the directive for the release of the manager for the Mujurus.
A police officer said, “We arrested a manager from the company which we didn’t know was owned by the vice president and her husband. This was after the manager said his employers ordered him not to reduce prices. However, Mujuru (Solomon) visited Harare Central Police Station and demanded him immediate release, which we complied with.”
Other workers at Willdale in Harare confirmed the incident, but efforts to obtain comment from the Mujurus failed.
Willdale also sells cement and on Monday a bag was going for Z$1,3 million compared to Z$150 000 stipulated by government.
“This is a case among many whereby political leaders within the Zanu (PF) regime have abused their power to resist orders to reduce prices or to continue looting as well as hoarding commodities since the start of the prices crackdown a fortnight ago,” said a senior economist.
There have also been allegations of senior army and police leaders taking advantage of the price blitz to loot goods and commodities that the crack teams would have forced to have prices reduced. – Own correspondent

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