My Experience (8-07-07)

By Witlaw Mugwigi
SRC President
Masvingo State University

It was on a Monday, the 18th of June 2007, when I and my Secretary General, Edson Hlatswayo were forcibly removed from an exam room.

Just 15 minutes into the Banking and Research Methods (Ban 205) exam, two secu

rity guards approached Edson and forced him out of the exam, pushing and shoving him in the process.

Witlaw Mugwigi, after he survived a viscious attack by campus security

They then ordered me to vacate the exam room for which I flatly refused to obey such an erroneous order and I continued to write my examination.

It was a this point that they started dragging and pushing me out of the exam room causing chaos and commotion for about 10 minutes. I was finally subdued and dragged out of the exam room where more reinforcements came. I was pinned to the ground and the security guards started assaulting me with clenched fists and kicks.

After the brutal and savage attack I sustained a swollen eye, a bruised and swollen cheek, a fractured tooth and a sprained neck. I was eventually escorted out of campus and later reported the matter to the police (Masvingo Police Central) where a docket number was opened (RBB 335948)

On visiting Masvingo General Hospital I was admitted until Wednesday 20 June 2007. On the very evening I was taken to Harare for better medical supervision by the Students Solidarity Trust.

It later turned out that the security guards were acting under the direct command of the Vice-Chancellor, O. Maravanyika and Deputy Registrar (Maposhere) who had hoped to use this incident to intimidate would be student leaders against being vocal. However, this incident has strengthened our resolve to continue fighting against oppression and corruption. Struggle is our birthright!

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