Nkomo’s memory tarnished by Zanu – MFP

The Matabeleland Freedom Party (MFP), an emerging political entity based in that region, has said that the Zanu (PF) regime is oppressing the people of Matabeleland and dismissed official commemorations of the death of their hero and leader Joshua Nkomo.
"Nkomo was the only Zimbab

wean leader so far to transcend tribal politics. He wanted all people in the country to have independence and freedom,” said spokesperson Andrea Sibanda.
ZAPU FP leader, Paul Siwela, also rubbished the commemoration of Nkomo by the current regime saying that the situation in the country for people from Matabeleland, as well as all other Zimbabweans, was a far cry of what Nkomo aspired for.
The Mugabe regime has planned a musical gala set for Marondera this week to commemorate Nkomo’s death and the public media is awash with propaganda extolling the late nationalist’s virtues with very clear efforts at linking him to the current struggles of the Mugabe regime – such as its imagined war against imperialism.
The land reform programme is used to do the direct opposite of what Nkomo symbolized and ardently believed in by continuing to sow seeds of disunity between opposition supporters and the regime’s sympathizers.
Nkomo is blamed by others for having agreed to a rapprochement with Mugabe in 1987, which effectively subjugated his ZAPU party under ZANU following a bloody military crackdown on the Matabeleland and Midlands regions that claimed 20 000 lives.

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