Open letter from Bishop Hatendi (10-07-07)

R.P.Hatendi [Right Reverend]
Bishop of Harare emeritus
16 Kenny Road


A rumour that I have left the Anglican Church continues to grow. This is not true.

Let me dispel this false rumour before it spreads any further.

I am and remain Bishop emeritus of the Holy Catholic Church of God by devine permission.

‘Kunamata hakuna wakura’

The factual position is that my successor but one, namely Bishop Nolbert Kunonga, not long after his consecration as Bishop, let it be known that he had decided to deprive me indefinitely of my devine right to celebrate, officiate, preach and administer sacraments in the Diocese of Harare-
the Diocese in which I was baptised when I was three weeks old, confirmed, ordained and consecrated Bishop.

No reason was given for this extraordinary stand taken by Bishop Kunonga.

In his circular to all Parish clergy dated 22nd December, 2002, however, he stated categorically that he intended ‘to take control of all situations’ in the Diocese and no-one had authority to overule his directives or to do anything without his prior knowledge and approval. Allowing me to
exercise my devine right as a Bishop emeritus would, it seems from his perspective, constitute a threat to his control. His subsequent actions have clearly manifested his determination to assume complete control and sole power to rule over the Diocese.

On the premise that,’where there is a Bishop there is a Church’, I felt duty bound some time ago to set up an oratory altar at home, and to preach and celebrate in Anglican homes by invitation only. Those who worship with me are Anglicans in good standing.

The Archbishop of Central Africa, the Archbishop of Canterbury and Bishop Kunonga were duly informed of this.

Yours faithfully



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