John Makumbe
There seems to be no limit to the folly that the Mugabe regime can display in its futile efforts to maintain political power in Zimbabwe. Day after day, we are presented with classic displays of political imbecility emanating from such regime activities as funerals, JOC meetings, emb

arrassing senate debates and unenlightened outbursts by both the dictator himself and his two deputies. Some of the idiotic displays have become interesting jokes at teatime in various places. These are a few of the remaining places where some of us can speak freely without fear of being reported to the killer machines of the tyrant.
The suspension of Simba Makoni from Zanu (PF) is perhaps the latest such display of unbridled intolerance and political immaturity so pervasive within the desperate ruining party. Makoni is allegedly suspended because, in his forthrightness, he dared to accurately interpret the Zimbabwean political situation while speaking in South Africa. It is a serious crime to analyse and interpret the impending collapse of the Zimbabwe state, especially if you happen to be a member of that decadent party. Makoni is certainly going the way of many others who dared to speak out their views without having them checked for political correctness first by the Zanu (PF) commissariat. But Makoni’s suspension is also part and parcel of the ongoing succession struggle within Zanu (PF). It is obvious that the Mujuru faction will not accept Makoni’s suspension without a fight.
Another display of the regime’s politics of desperation relates to the recent exposure of Pius Ncube’s “exploits” in the social sector. Whether Ncube committed the acts or not is for the courts of law to determine. The irony of it all is that the ones throwing the stones are themselves guilty of the very same crimes for which they are crucifying the Archbishop of Matabeleland today. Did they not also take someone’s wife and do the same things with her until children were born? Most Zimbabweans are aware that the primary objective of the sordid business is to silence Ncube. But that will not put any clothes on the naked emperor whose political failures have fatally ruined our national economy.
Then there is the stupid banning of fuel coupons, which has fortunately been countermanded by better informed elements within the structures of the beleaguered reeling party. It is unfortunate that the so-called task force responsible for enforcing price controls is heavily dictated to by the Commissioner of Police who knows precious little about the running of businesses. It is ridiculous to banish fuel coupons when the only fuel available in Zimbabwe is from the Direct Fuel Import (DFI) outlets. It is a fact that DFI outlets have enabled industry to continue to operate. They have provided fuel for the transport system in this country. Noczim has totally failed to import fuel for the general use by non-governmental organisations and institutions. To abolish fuel coupons is to literally force the whole nation to grind to a halt.
Meanwhile, food shortages continue to bother the people of Zimbabwe. We are all becoming vegetarians, whether we like it or not. Soon even the vegetables will also disappear from the shelves and we will have to grow our own, when there is water. It is heartbreaking to have to tell a small boy or girl that they cannot have a cup of tea and bread in the morning because there is simply no bread, no sugar, no milk and no electricity. We have to teach our children to get used to poverty, and all because of a stupid old man who thinks that to be president is to be like a god. May God deliver us from evil.

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