By Trust Matsilele

Zimbabwe’s state police are alleged to be mounting roadblocks on major cities of the country in search of consumers allegedly hoarding basic commodities consumers following the government’s call for a 50 percent price cut.

This situation has b

een reported throughout the country in cities such as Harare , Gweru, Bulawayo , Kadoma, Masvingo, Mutare and Kwekwe.

Zimbabwe Republic Police for the past few days were reportedly seen searching people coming from work in roads and at railway stations as the government
accuses citizens of buying in bulk for the purposes of reselling the goods in future.

Police Commissioner Augustine Chihuri confirmed this development but argued that owners of goods impounded were going to get their proceeds in due time but could not shed light on security of those goods,

“the police are doing their job to make sure those culprits who are taking advantage are brought to book but as soon as this wave is over we are going to see to it that those innocent will have their goods back, “said Chihuri.

A police officer in Gweru confirmed that they had confiscated a number of goods to people suspected of bulk breaking for repurchasing purposes following orders from Chihuri,

“We have confiscated thousands of kilograms of sugar and mealie meal from those suspects and the operation still continues until the government tells us to halt,” confirmed an officer who cannot be named for security reasons.

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