SA, Bots ‘fed up with exiles’

Plans are underway for mass deportations of Zimbabweans if the Mugabe regime fail to bow to pressure on constitutional amendments and a transitional government as proposed by South Africa President Thabo Mbeki.
The Zimbabwean has it on good authority that Botswana and South Africa plan to deport

Zimbabweans. “Zimbabweans should brace themselves for mass deportations. The two countries are fed up with Mugabe and the exiles, who appear unable to force or vote Mugabe out,” said an intelligence officer from National Intelligence Agency who is privy to the plan.
The deportations code named ‘Mugabe take your people’ will mean hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans will be deported even.
“The deportations will cause confusion on the Zimbabwean side. At least 100 coaches will leave for Zimbabwe every day and 20,000 will be deported in a week’s time,” said a South African intelligent agent. Mugabe will be caught unaware as ‘his people’ flood back to their roots to vote in en masse,” alleged the source.
The South African government is also irked that some Zimbabwean exiles are now behaving like Mugabe supporters who are benefiting from the regime. Many Zimbabweans in exiles are working against the democratic forces while members of Central Intelligence Organisation have infiltrated many civic society organizations.
“The people who are coming from Zimbabwe are acting as Mugabe people and they are trying to prop up Mugabe regime. People will be deported to go and vote in their country,” added the agent. – Trust Matsilele

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