Special congress for Zanu?

The Zanu (PF) central committee meeting held in Harare last week resolved to hold a special congress at which the contentious issue of the candidate for next year's elections would be tackled, sources have said.
Next month has been suggested for the holding of the special congress, alth

ough sources say it is subject to many considerations, chief among them the progress on the SADC-initiated dialogue involving the ruling party and the opposition.
It has emerged that the pro-President Robert Mugabe faction in the ruling party had wanted to try a repeat of the March scandal – whereby the name of the aging leader was imposed as an unopposed candidate for next year’s presidential elections.
However, sources said, the combination of determination by those opposed to Mugabe’s candidature as well as the pressing need for deliberating on the current economic situation particularly the pricing chaos, had blocked the Mugabe faction.
“The matter of special congress was raised and it was agreed by even Mugabe himself that it must be held as soon as possible but after consideration of strategic as well as delicate factors,” a top source said.
“August was suggested and an announcement is expected soon after the leadership would have considered the other factors.”
Zanu (PF) secretary for administration, Didymus Mutasa confirmed that the ruling party should be meeting “before the end of the year but a date is yet to be agreed upon”.

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