Take over of water management by ZINWA irreversible-Mugabe(30-07-07)

HARARE – President Robert Mugabe has thrown caution to the wind and stubbornly declared that the take over of water management by Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) was an irreversible government decision.
ZINWA, a parastatal charged with managing and distributing water, has dism

ally failed to provide clean and adequate drinking water while the sewerage system is virtually collapsing in many areas.
Experts in disease prevention and control have warned that there could be a nationwide outbreak of epidemic illnesses such as cholera and dysentery if ZINWA continued its inept handling of water supply and reticulation.
But Mugabe told a bi-ennial meeting of the Zimbabwe Local Government Association last wee that ZINWA was there to stay.
“It was a decision by government because we felt local authorities had little resources to manage water as they always approached government for assistance,” Mugabe said. “The government has resources and we saw it fit to have our water management system handled by an institution belonging to a full fledged ministry.”
Mugabe spoke as water taps in several suburbs of the city – both high and low-income areas – ran dry.

Some residents in the poor suburbs of Epworth and Kambuzuma were fetching
water from streams and shallow wells, posing a health hazard despite oily platitudes by the ageing leader that ZINWA had been capitalized.
In Harare’s upmarket suburb of Borrowdale on Friday some households were
using buckets of water from wells for their needs.

“More suburbs will be without water in the coming days,” said a water expert. “I think the president is not being advised properly on this ZINWA issue.”

The problem is being blamed on the lack of foreign currency to purchase water-purifying chemicals.
Revealing the whole plot behind the ZINWA take over Mugabe said: “We certainly need councilors who do not brook any compromise in our mission to jealously safeguard our hard won independence. Our naional sovereignty must of necessity be underpinned by a functional, forthright and sensitive local government system that is imbued with passion to syetematically empower the indigenous population.”
All the local authorities are opposition led

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