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A spade a spade
Wake up Zimbabweans. Don't be fooled. Kamudhara is at it again. Ari kudzikisa mutengonhasi payaikwira aiva kupi? Let's call a spade a spade by its name.

Nyagura slammed
I condemn the abduction and interrogation of student activists at UZ. Student leaders

from all institutions lets fight for our rights.

Bob at it again
Why can’t you get a lesson from what you did on the farms? Today you are at it again. Now you want to push Zimbabwe to its final hell by touching industry.

Kudos to Zhakata
Mr K.L.Zhakata: Munoimba zvinonakidza chose. Rambai makadaro. Asi dzokerai kumaimbiro amaiita pananaKundiso naMugove.

Boycott poll
MDC should boycott the elections in January and March until tyrannical Mugabe and his bootlickers agree to first rewrite the constitution which guarantees a level electoral playing field.

Cop ‘n’ bribes
Mapurisa dzava mbavha nekuda kwenyuGushungo. Zvamakada izvi kuigochera pautsi ari kukurudzira chinja by this. Take care. Mapera basa. Chizororai.

Old Bob
Kuchembera ndinokuziva. Uku kwave koura.

Whats the point?
After buying half-priced bulbs, I still live in darkness.

Chinos ecos
Force companies to cut prices to make people happy. People, not companies, are the voters. Excerpt from the book “Fantametaries of Ikonomic” By Josefu Chinotimba.

Power blues
Forget politics: Honestly, there must be someone responsible for electricity supplies. How can you expect the economy to grow when you have power at night only for 5 hrs, 6 tops? Allow me to demonstrate – Give me that person’s job.

Rise up
Get up stand up for you rights. I can’t say “Don’t give up the fight” because you haven’t started. Which brings me to ask. But why? How much longer do we have to suffer before we realize that the destiny of this country is in our hands? Confrontation is the only solution.

Shake off fear
Fear is/has/will always be man’s greatest enemy. It doesn’t need a rocket scientist to figure out that the majority wants change.

Rights abuse
Nyagura’s decision to evict students is the worst form of Mugabe’s human rights abuse. CONCERNED CITIZEN

War on ZBC
I propose war on ZBC and its workers particularly the news crew until they start telling us the truth. I for one am sick and tired of the propaganda they unashamedly continue to bombard us with. After all we bought these TV sets. Wee should have a say on what we see and hear from our TVs.

Bob scared
Our elderly leader fears assassination simply because he thinks he is going to live for ever.

Regain self-respect
The minute we regain that lost self-respect is when we realize how individually valuable we are to the reconstruction of this nation. Then we will know what to do collectively for a better change.

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