Voter reg nothing but a sham – Gasela

I spent the whole day on Saturday, 30 June checking on the progress on voter inspection and registration in Lower Gweru. The team, which was at Maboleni Sec School, had already been to Ntabamhlophe and Mdubiwa centres, reports Renson Gasela, secretary for lands for the MDC (Mutambara).

He was told by many people that they were very disappointed as there were no films for the pictures that go with the national identity cards. The people complained that they had spent a long time waiting. They were promised that the team would come back to take pictures, but did not believe this would happen, as they failed to understand why there were no films when their centre was the first one in the area.
“As I arrived at the school in Maboleni where the team was, the entrance was blocked by many young people who were struggling to get attention from an officer who appeared to be calling them in small groups. They said they had been there since morning. Some of them claimed that they came the previous day but could not be served. As it was after 2pm, they were worried they would go unserved again. One Sihle Moyo, said she and a few others had not been served at Mdubiwa where the team had been; so she followed. This was now her third day,” said Gasela.
“I went to have my name checked. Again there were lots of youths. As they stood there, they said they did not know why the process was so slow. There was a much larger queue at the next classroom. I was told that they had been processed save for the pictures. They were waiting for films.
“I tried to talk to the officer in charge. He was, as expected, afraid to say much to me other than confirming what I had been told. He hoped films would be sent soon and that they would then go back to the other centres.
“What does all this mean? We know that the voters roll is in shambles. We know that the Registrar General had said he had no funds for the exercise. We were told that he had suddenly found funds. How can such an exercise be started without proper planning?
“It is quite obvious this is just a show; they will claim that voter registration was done when nothing of the sort happened. It is not a failure to plan, it is not lack of funds, it is RIGGING,” declared Gasela.

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