We will win- Makone

Zimbabwe's main opposition party has projected a landslide victory in next year's harmonized elections, ruling out any boycott of the poll although reports suggest the opposition party may boycott the local government elections in January.
Officials of the Movement for Democratic

Change (MDC) said the people in Zimbabwe were ready for change.
“We believe we’re going to have difficulty failing to win the elections,” MDC elections secretary Ian Makone said.
The MDC officials dismissed tthe ongoing populist policy such as the slashing of prices in supermarkets as a “Mugabe mirage” designed to deflect attention from economic woes and said they believed the tactics would ultimately backfire.
Political advisors to main opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai said any boycott of the poll would be “tantamount to betrayal” of the party’s dead and injured supporters. However the party could boycott the January local government election for “strategic reasons.” The move would be designed to avoid a repeat of the 2000 scenario where Mugabe unleashed an orgy of violence after losing a referendum that preceded a general election.
“Boycotting the March presidential and parliamentary election is not an option to us,” he said. “The desire for change in Zimbabwe pervades the whole society.”
Makone said the MDC needed resources to purchase computers which were seized by the police, vehicles and cash. If it wins next March’s joint elections, the MDC says it would create jobs and restore investor confidence through equitable land resettlement and it would pump money into health and education. It would also rewrite sections of the Constitution to remove some of the executive powers enjoyed by Mugabe, who critics say will “most certainly” lose next year’s presidential ballot if he delivers a remotely free and fair poll.
Makone expressed confidence that the police and the army would respect the will of the people but hoped that foreign election monitors – expected in Zimbabwe soon – would stay on afterwards to ensure a smooth transition.

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