Zanu split widens

The Zanu (PF) regime is developing deeper and more fractures as it hops towards its special congress while trying in vain to fight unprecedented economic recession.
More factional divisions have emerged with the latest deliberations on the establishment of a reformed party that wil

l engage the opposition in forming a transitional government if the ongoing mediation by President Thabo Mbeki succeeds.
Sources within the ruling party said this week that the majority of party officials had been convinced about the need for an exit plan that must see Mugabe out at a special congress most likely to be held next month.
“There is almost total anarchy in the party as the divisions deepen. There is a growing desire for a reformation and while Makoni seems to be the front runner, Gono is already using his authority at RBZ to campaign through endearing himself to people by using the tractor scheme as well as giving out loans,” a senior party official said.
“On the other hand, Mugabe is not willing to go as yet and has started all sorts of tricks to block the plot aimed at ousting him. He is strengthening his faction, represented by the likes of (Elliot) Manyika, Didymus Mutasa as well as other fence sitters such as Patrick Chinamasa and Nicholas Goche.”
Manyika, who is the ruling party’s political commissar, has lately become Mugabe’s trump card and is being used by the aged leader in campaigns such as the current crackdown on industry and commerce over prices. When contacted for comment Manyika said:
“The special congress will solve the leadership problems but as far as we are concerned, President Mugabe is still in charge and will stand for the party at next year’s elections. The other issues of reformation and succession are not part of our agenda.”
The special congress is expected to tackle the issue of candidates for next year’s presidential and general elections, which Mugabe is said to have told his top leadership shall not be postponed. He has ruled out the possibility of a transitional government being established involving the ruling party and the MDC factions as a product of Mbeki’s mediation. – Peter Kadiki

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