ZCTU alarmed at job losses

Zimbabwe unions have vowed to launch fresh protests "soon" against President Robert Mugabe's government over lagging salaries and mounting job losses sparked by the decree to slash prices, although finer details of the protests are being kept under wraps.
The unions have vowed to roll out ma

ss action every three months to uplift the welfare of workers reeling from an unprecedented economic meltdown that has condemned workers to penury and despair.
The last job action, a stayaway in May, elicited a panicky response from the authorities with an unprecedented security deployment and hovering helicopters in the skies.
The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, the largest labour federation in the country, now says its been three months and workers salaries are lagging far behind galloping hyperinflation and the poverty datum line. Labour leaders say government and industry have over the past three months dismally failed to address the demands of workers, who have borne the brunt of catastrophic economic decline.

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