ZCTU Deplores Attck on NCA Members (27-07-07)


The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) condemns in the strongest terms the brutal attacks perpetrated by the police on members of the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA).

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ms Zimbabwe is slowly degenerating into mayhem as human rights abuses continue unabated. The paranoia within government is now ridiculous as there is no need to brutalize unarmed, harmless citizens. We believe all citizens have a right to express themselves and demonstrations led by the NCA are for a just cause. Zimbabweans are clamouring for a new constitution and they will stop at nothing to get it. The ZCTU believes that the country is currently being run on a ‘cease fire’ document hence the calls for a new constitution.

The police brutality displayed in Zimbabwe can only be described as attempted murder. What this goes to show is that the Zimbabwean government does not value the sanctity of human life. In a move reminiscent of the malevolence of the pre Independence and apartheid era, the government through use of its security agents has become an instigator of violence in a bid to instill fear among Zimbabweans.

The ZCTU would like to wish the brutalized activists a speedy recovery and urge them to remain strong and resolute and continue to call for a new constitution without fear.

We demand that the ZANU (PF) government immediately cease the torture of innocent civilians and instead work with various groupings to address problems ailing the country and immediately start the process towards a people-driven constitution.

Khumbulani Ndlovu
Information Officer
Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions
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Harare, Zimbabwe

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Cell 263 11 620 232
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