ZCTU organises anti-poverty protests for July (03-07-07)

By Natasha Hove

THE Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union (ZCTU) rolls anti-poverty protests against the government this month following a wave of price increases President Robert Mugabe says are unjustified and meant to incite revolt.

The Zimbab

we’s largest trade union representative body held an urgent ‘special’ council meeting on Saturday to discuss the modalities for rolling out the anti–poverty protests in the coming few weeks.

Insiders at ZCTU said it is hoped the endless protests-whose start off date have not yet been agreed upon – would grind the country to a halt-forcing the government to adopt reforms to ensure the stability of prices and end the suffering of the workers.

This comes at a time when the government-which blames businesses of conniving with its western enemies to create a crisis in a bid to incite Zimbabweans to revolt-on Monday, reacted to price increases by announcing a blanket freeze on prices.

The government said it has set up a unit drawn from all of its security agencies to enforce the blanket price cuts.

But this has impacted negatively as following the order, all basic commodities have all but disappeared from the shops and are selling at exorbitant prices at the black market.

Lovemore Matombo, the ZCTU president, confirmed the anti-poverty protests when contacted by CajNews. He also confirmed the urgent council meeting held yesterday to discuss strategies for the protests.

“We had an urgent council meeting on Saturday to discuss about the anti-poverty protests in the face of souring prices of everything. It was a special council meeting in that it was focused on the demonstrations for this month,” said Matombo.

“Zimbabwean’s are struggling to survive with these prices. The anti-poverty protests would push for the government to address the plight of workers by adopting reforms ensuring the stability of prices and poverty datum line linked salaries.”

Matombo added: “We have taken a position that all the related information will be released after we have completed all the organizational logistics so as not to jeopardize the strikes and fail.”

Recently, the outgoing United States Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Christopher Dell predicted that the galloping economic crises in the country could sweep President Robert government out of power.

Dell said no government throughout history had ever survived an economic crisis of the magnitude Zimbabwe was facing, with inflation nearing seven figure digits and the formal economy barely functioning- CAJ News. DeleteReplyForwardSpamMove…

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