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The International Monetary Fund has expressed concern over the economic quagmire in Zimbabwe which has resultantly affected the continent’s economic growth.

The IMF has expressed its disgruntlement in Accra Ghana on the sidelines of the ongoing A

frican Union Summit .

African economic growth accelerated by a 4.5 percent and incurred single digit inflation in 2006.

Takatoshi Kato, deputy managing director of the IMF said,

“Consumer prices altogether came down to a single digit, excluding Zimbabwe ”.

Kato also added that the Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe (83) and his regime were obliged to making sure that the crisis comes to an end as it was affecting the whole region.

“The situation in Zimbabwe is affecting neighbouring countries very dramatically.

“The regime of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe bore the responsibility to thrash out “very comprehensive measures head on” to curb the crisis,” added Kato.

The IMF though it recognised the responsibility of neighbouring countries in helping Zimbabwe from the economic mess, it however recognised the role the country has to play,

“Neighbouring countries can assist Zimbabwe , “but in the end it’s really the responsibility of the ( Zimbabwe ) authorities to address the current situation”, said Abdoulaye Bio-Thiane, IMF director for

The Zimbabwean government has in the past shouldered all the blame on economic crisis to the former colonial power Britain and the United States of America .

Mugabe critics have however kept the blame on the veteran leader as saying sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe were never targeted on inflation.

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