Zim TV launched in UK (04-07-07)


; Thami
Tapfumanei Zhou

Former ZBC producer Sylvester Tapfumaneyi has launched an online

Broadcast from the UK, Zimdi TV broadcasts highly rated programmes
in English, Shona and Ndebele. The TV provides various selections of
entertaining programmes such as soaps, remarkable inspirational church
messages programmes, comedies, educational shows, and documentaries.
Zimdi TV has some of the most popular musical, drama and movie
programmes made to suit family taste which attracts viewers all over the world.
ZimdiTV will keep viewers in touch with home while away from

This channel offers a variety of quality programs suitable for the
entire family. ZimdiTV is an independent TV station designed to suit an ever expanding
internet audience. We air original programmes along with local and
national client programming through individual contracts with agencies,
independent distributors and programme producers.

Says Tapfumaneyi: “Viewers will be entertained, informed and educated
through our unique program scheduling, which offers the best platform for programmes to be
viewed repeatedly for 24 hours a day seven days a week world wide since
our programmes are on a video on demand and stay on the web for a week?
And note that we have no boundaries governing us like cable and
satellite televisions, which can only be viewed by subscribers and not everyone
has the above but it is a fact of life that many people can afford internet
and this is where ZimdiTV.com comes in, in an effort to reach out the
neglected low income earners who can not afford i.e. Satellite dishes
or cable. Internet television is affordable and it is also a way of
sharing and sending information from a central point to all nations using one

Programme Line-up
We will have a current affairs programme in which we will have
with politicians and diplomats on a programme called head to head
researched and presented by Thami Zhou. We believe in freedom of
expression and we provide balanced playing field for any political
affiliation and our point of departure is rally in London addressed by
the president of MDC Morgan Tsvangirai. Afro beat is a programme that plays
music videos from all genres presented by Watson. Good News Music
Ministry a gospel music programme presented by Abigail. Facts of life is
presented by Phillip and Research is done by Gwinyai. Around Us is a programme
that features out standing personalities from our community we are starting
with a Zimbabwean based in Bedford who is farming vegetable (Rugare
we will have African movies and movies from Zimbabwe one to look
forward to is a movie called No Matter What, The setting is based in Zimbabwe,
script by Bothwell Chikombora based in Luton.We have a christan channel
to cater for church organisation who can not afford to put programmes on
sattellite tv or cable tv station. A lot of programming will come from
various production houses in Zimbabwe and neighbouring countries. We
want to put Zimbabwe on the world map with the resources we have for there
is a lot of positive things to show the world about our lovely country

We love to hear from Production Houses who are looking for an extra
mile since we are living in a global village. There is an alternative if we
cannot buy programmes from Production Houses, we do have a pay per view
facility. If you intend to reach out the Zimbabweans and Southern
Africa in Diaspora ZimdiTV.com is the place to go. Zimditv is a platform that
Business people targeting Southern of Africa or the Diaspora can use to
reach out the millions of people displaced world wide.

Sylvester Tapfumaneyi
Producer Programmes

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