Another wrong turn

The pulling out of the Save Zimbabwe Campaign (SZC) by the Mutambara faction of the MDC last week was unfortunate but not entirely surprising. It was unfortunate because it basically weakened the broad alliance that civil society and opposition political parties have formed in ord

er to effectively fight the Mugabe regime. The fact that the dictator has access to state power and machinery requires that all progressive forces should pool their resources and energies in order to confront the dogs of dictatorship more effectively. The Mutambara faction may be relatively smaller than the Tsvangirai faction, but it is a fact that there are some progressive Zimbabweans in that faction whose leadership skills could have benefited the SZC in its endeavours.
But perhaps the most unfortunate part of the whole saga is the manner in which Mutambara handled the announcement of the withdrawal from SZC and the demise of unity talks between the two MDC factions. The insults levelled against Morgan Tsvangirai were certainly not called for. Obviously the journalists who were present loved every word that Mutambara used to describe Tsvangirai. For example, to call Tsvangirai a “…weak and indecisive leader…” is normally only done by elements within the ruining Zanu (PF) party.
This is not expected from another opposition political party leader who aspires to dethrone Mugabe the tyrant. Harsh words like these should be reserved for those who deserve them, and Tsvangirai certainly does not. It is unfortunate that some opposition political leaders in Zimbabwe exert such tremendous force and energy against fellow opposition leaders rather than against the real enemy of the people of this bleeding and starving country.
Allegations that the SZC is being used to further the interests of selected individuals should have been made at proper SZC fora instead of becoming the subject of a press conference. To the best of my knowledge, the Mutambara formation has not, to date, made an official complaint to the SZC task force or steering committee. Had such a complaint been formally lodged, the SZC would probably have done all in its power to resolve the issue without embarrassing the leaders of either of the MDC formations. Indeed, the SZC task force was taken by surprise when Mutambara made his dramatic announcement.
Be that as it may, the question that begs an answer now is: what are the implications for the slow-moving mediation talks that Thabo Mbeki and his team are pursuing? It is likely that the two MDC formations will find it difficult to agree on all the issues that the beleaguered Zanu (PF) will place on the table. The fight between the two formations is likely to seriously hinder the talks, and that will work to the advantage of the dictator. Meanwhile the suffering people of Zimbabwe are left wondering whether any good is likely to come from this recent display of political bickering in the opposition camp. The dictator obviously loves every moment of the whole sordid matter.

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