Business leaders fail to sway Mugabe

As two senior managers at the country's biggest bakery were released on bail
pending appeal after being jailed for four months on charges of selling
bread above the controlled price, business leaders last week told President
Robert Mugabe that the price war had compounded the t

hreat of widespread
food shortages.
They told the octogenarian leader that the net effect of price fixing was
massive hoarding and black marketeering, along with mounting losses and
closures among food suppliers and processors.
“We told him in no uncertain terms that firms were threatened with closure
by the crisis, and that owners were refusing to continue operations if the
price war threatens their own safety and security,” said a business leader,
speaking strictly on condition of anonymity.
Business leaders warned Mugabe against his controversial drive to punish
industrialists and retailers allegedly flouting his price controls, and
presented a “15-point plan” containing a raft of measures to heal the
There are currently over 6,000 outstanding cases against business managers
in all fields on price controlled related issues. They face prison. The
government has also capped school fees for all private schools and threatens
to jail school administrators who defy the directive.

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