COSATU condemns SA farmers

The rounding up of hapless Zimbabwe asylum seekers by South African commercial farmers in Limpopo province has come under spotlight with the country's powerful labour body, the Congress of South African Trade Unions grossly condemning as an act of barbarism associated with the apart

heid era arguing that the democratic South Africa had no room for such actions.
The condemnation comes in the wake of some gross human rights abuses of asylum seekers by the South African farmers residing in Limpopo province, who are said to be taking law into their own hands and tying up Zimbabwean asylum seekers on their wrists with ropes before handing them to the police.
Complicating matters, several Zimbabwean asylum seekers are reportedly employed to work in the farms but towards month-end they got fired without their salaries and wages after working for more than 30 days in the farm.
COSATU spokesperson, Patrick Craven condemned the farmers’ actions in strongest terms before calling for a probe. Craven argued that the new South Africa had no room for such past apartheid practices. He called upon the African National Congress (ANC) government to act against such uncalled for actions by the Limpopo based farmers. – CAJ News

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